My favorite Bonsai: A metaphor for love, style and craftsmanship at Neighbourhood

My favorite Bonsai: A metaphor for love, style and craftsmanship at Neighbourhood

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In Neighbourhood stands a magnificent bonsai tree, meticulously cultivated and shaped through years of patience and dedication. Much like the high-quality brands we offer, such as A Kind of Guise, Edwin Japan, and Tagliatore, this bonsai embodies a perfect balance between art and nature, tradition and modernity.

The bonsai tree symbolizes what we strive to achieve with our exclusive clothing collection: a harmonious blend of timeless style and contemporary elegance. Brands like Tenue and Dehen 1920 reflect this balance by combining classic designs with innovative fabrics and techniques. Each piece of clothing in Neighbourhood is carefully selected, just as every branch of the bonsai is pruned to create a perfect form.

Caring for a bonsai is all about balance and proportion. Overgrowth in one direction can disrupt the entire harmony. We apply this principle to our collections: each new addition must harmonize with our existing selection to maintain a balanced and stylish image.

Our guests appreciate the attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection found in both the bonsai tree and our clothing. Just as the bonsai brings a sense of tranquility to its surroundings, we aim for our clothing to bring a sense of well-being and confidence to those who wear it.

The bonsai tree also teaches us patience and meticulous care—qualities essential when choosing the right garments. Our brands, such as Kardo and Universal Works, are selected because they share these values. Each piece of clothing is a masterpiece in its own right, a result of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

So, as you walk through Neighbourhood, take a moment to admire the bonsai. Let it remind you of the beauty of balance and the art of refinement. It’s not just about clothing, but a lifestyle that values quality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Just as the bonsai is carefully maintained to preserve its shape and beauty, we choose our collections with the same dedication and passion.

Welcome to Neighbourhood, your destination for timeless style and masterful craftsmanship. At Rijnstraat 14B in Arnhem, The Netherlands.


*Tote bag with bonsai print by Derk Müller (as seen on photo) is only available during June Fashion Month Arnhem 2024.

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