Our building is being repainted

Our building is being repainted

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Restoring History: Reviving the Facade of Arnhem's Storefront

In the heart of Arnhem, a transformation is underway. The storefront of our beloved building is undergoing a rejuvenation process, breathing new life into its historical charm. As painters diligently work to apply fresh coats of paint to the facade, another significant element of our building's heritage is receiving attention – the authentic monumental sphere.

In the bustling atmosphere of the 1980s, the municipality of Arnhem made the decision to modernize the city center, leading to the unfortunate replacement of many of the area's iconic monumental facades with more contemporary designs. However, in 1995, a pivotal moment occurred when the city decided to embark on a journey to restore its architectural heritage to its original glory.

Skilled craftsmen painstakingly recreated the intricate details of the facades, relying on historical drawings and photographs as their guide. The result was a faithful reproduction that revived the essence of Arnhem's past, bringing back the grandeur of its architectural identity.

Today, as we witness the transformation of our storefront, we are filled with pride and excitement. The old layers of paint are being replaced with a fresh palette of colors, breathing new vibrancy into the streetscape. A beautiful deep green, reminiscent of the lush landscapes surrounding Arnhem, is being carefully applied alongside a cool cream limoncello hue, adding a touch of warmth to the facade.

Though not yet fully revealed in the photographs, the subtle sheen of the freshly painted surface promises to capture the sunlight and add a radiant glow to the building's exterior. With each brushstroke, the facade is gradually being transformed from its primer state into a captivating masterpiece that pays homage to Arnhem's rich history.

As we eagerly anticipate the completion of this restoration project, we are reminded of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage for future generations to enjoy. The revitalization of our storefront serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Arnhem and the dedication of those who strive to honor its past while embracing the possibilities of the future.

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