Galerie Gang

Galerie Gang

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Exploring Contemporary Art at Galerie Gang: A Fusion of Creativity and Style

In the heart of the vibrant Klarendal district in Arnhem, a small but dynamic space is making waves in the art scene. Welcome to galerie-gang, a 2 by 15-meter gallery initiated by the creative minds of John Ebben and Evert Burggrave.

At galerie-gang, the walls come alive with a diverse array of contemporary art sourced from private collections. The gallery serves as a platform for both established and emerging artists, featuring works by luminaries like Rob Birza, Maarten Boon, Ad Gerritsen, John Ebben, Klaas Gubbels, René Korten, and more.

The gallery is not merely a static exhibition; it's a living canvas that evolves weekly. The collection spans various mediums, from traditional forms like oil painting and lithography to more experimental techniques such as cyanotype, mixed media, and porcelain.

Since October 2020, Galerie Gang has found its niche in the Modekwartier, contributing to the rich artistic tapestry of the neighborhood. The gallery's physical dimensions may be modest, but its impact is anything but.

In a recent collaboration with Neighbourhood, Galerie Gang hosted a captivating fusion of visual art and fashion during Nacht van de Mode. This collaboration showcased a unique intersection of contemporary menswear from Neighbourhood's collection alongside portraits created by John Ebben. These portraits, capturing the essence of ten entrepreneurs from the Modekwartier, added a personal touch to the artistic narrative.

Galerie Gang aims to be more than just an art space; it's a reflection of the dynamic and multifaceted Modekwartier. The fusion of visual arts and fashion during events like Nacht van de Mode illustrates the gallery's commitment to showcasing the diverse facets of the Modekwartier.

As the collection continues to evolve and surprise, galerie-gang remains a testament to Arnhem's thriving art scene. Each visit promises a journey through a curated selection of artworks that challenge, inspire, and celebrate the boundless creativity within contemporary art.

Visit galerie-gang, where every piece tells a story, and the space itself is a canvas for the ever-changing expressions of artistic brilliance.

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