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School of life Projects

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Crafting Tradition: The Essence of SchoolofLifeProjects

At SchoolofLifeProjects, our commitment to crafting a circular future revolves around more than just fashion—it's a dedication to preserving traditions, supporting local communities, and embracing the inherent beauty of slow craftsmanship. Our journey began in September 2019 with a transformative visit to a traditional wool factory in the heart of Portugal.

The Woolen Epiphany

The wool factory became the canvas for our vision, encapsulating values that resonated deeply with our ethos. Situated in the UNESCO Heritage region of Serra da Estrela, it became the focal point of a mission that transcended fashion—a mission to sustain local economies and safeguard disappearing crafts.

Local Collaboration, Circular Community

Inspired by the spirit of local collaboration, SchoolofLifeProjects found solace in becoming part of a circular community. The wool factory was not just a production site; it became a hub for preserving local crafts and contributing to the economy that thrived on wool.

A Race Against Time

As Serra da Estrela attained UNESCO Heritage status, the urgency to preserve disappearing crafts became apparent. Traditional practices were vanishing swiftly, threatened by the currents of modernization. SchoolofLifeProjects emerged as a guardian of heritage, endeavoring to halt the disappearance of these crafts.

Blankets and Ponchos with Purpose

The heart of SchoolofLifeProjects beats within the threads of the blankets and ponchos we produce. More than mere clothing, each item symbolizes sustainable fashion, local resilience, and cultural preservation. Our blankets envelop you in warmth, both physical and symbolic, weaving a story of tradition and conscious consumption.

Beyond Fashion, A Lifestyle

SchoolofLifeProjects transcends conventional fashion boundaries. It's a lifestyle—an ethos valuing mindful creation, embracing circular practices, and championing the cause of local economies. Choosing a SchoolofLifeProjects blanket or poncho is a conscious decision to be part of a movement that goes beyond trends and seasons.

A Beacon of Sustainability

In a world where fashion often leaves a heavy environmental footprint, SchoolofLifeProjects stands as a beacon of sustainability. By prioritizing local production, we reduce our carbon footprint, advocating for a more eco-friendly and ethically sound approach to fashion. It's a model challenging industry norms, charting a path toward a more sustainable future.

Crafting Heritage, Weaving Futures

SchoolofLifeProjects is more than a fashion initiative; it's a commitment to crafting heritage and weaving futures. Our narrative intertwines the threads of tradition with the fabric of modernity, creating a tapestry telling a story of resilience, sustainability, and the beauty of slow craftsmanship.

Our Woolen Story

Our ponchos and blankets are crafted from 100% organic sheep wool from the Bordaleira sheep specific to the Serra da Estrela region. Grazing on the highest plateaus in the mountains, these sheep produce the finest wool. Our factory, adorned with 150-year-old machines from France, England, and Germany, is a testament to tradition. Our loom masters weave wool into unique products, embodying a handcrafted look and touch.

Embracing Cowichan Style

We have a deep love for Cowichan style handknits—their chunkiness, shape, and graphic patterns resonate with us. Despite the challenges posed by the past COVID period, we proudly collaborated with artisans from British Columbia to create a small hand-knit collection, bridging the gap between continents.

Meet the Owners: Harry and Lilian Wonder-Vos

We are Harry and Lilian Wonder-Vos, two fashion professionals with decades of industry experience. United by our love for design, crafts, and the planet, we share a single vision—transforming what Mother Nature offers into quality goods that can last a lifetime.

Embark on the SchoolofLifeProjects journey with us, where every stitch tells a story, and every garment embodies a sustainable, circular future.

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